Our people are our most valuable asset

Working for OilQuick

However good its products or services may be, a company still needs capable and dedicated staff if it is to be successful in the long run. At OilQuick, we attach great importance to our employees’ health, wellbeing and job satisfaction because that is what helps to deliver results. We firmly believe that it also plays a key role in motivation and inspiration.

"Our employees are very dedicated, which fills us with pride. We have world-class products, but if we want to continue to hold a leading position on a global level in the future, I am convinced that people must be able to see our constant striving for improvement. It is very essential for me personally that our employees enjoy their work. This means listening to their needs, being supportive and inspiring confidence. We care – and if the employees are happy, it has a positive impact on performance, which ultimately benefits the company. A strong team spirit is vital, which is why we are very proud of the good working atmosphere and sense of community at OilQuick."

Henrik Sonerud, CEO, OilQuick AB