Focus on health

Staff wellbeing is of great importance to us

Focus on health

Our employees’ physical and mental health plays a significant role for us. We appreciate them as individuals and do our best to support them both in their everyday work and personal lives. This includes holding stress courses, leadership training, employee reviews and surveys and annual medical check-ups as preventive action.

Their physical wellbeing is also of concern to us. All employees can have a massage during working hours every month. The company assumes the costs of ophthalmological examinations and glasses, if required, up to a certain sum. It also provides annual allowances for health care and discounts at many local gyms. Private medical insurance for all our office staff guarantees prompt medical treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, we also ensure ergonomic design in the work place to prevent problems with back, joints and muscles.

Every year the company takes part in many sports activities aimed at promoting health, such as golf tournaments, the 30 km distance in the Vasa cross-country ski race, dragon boat races, various events in aid of charities and floorball competitions organised by OilQuick. All the activities are voluntary and suitable for all ages and abilities.

Every day employees can look forward to a healthy breakfast buffet and can also help themselves to fresh organic fruit at any time.


Having fun together

As we spend a lot of time at work, it is vital for us to have a good working atmosphere and to have fun together. At OilQuick, each department has a certain sum of money available annually that can be used to strengthen their sense of belonging. Smaller groups created across departments also meet up in their spare time to enjoy various activities together.

In addition, our staff club organises parties and other events during the year. We go to local events together and also have outings. Participation in all activities is naturally voluntary.