Corporate culture

Company compass

Corporate culture

The corporate culture is the company’s inner compass, guiding us and giving us direction for all our actions in our work. Our corporate culture is based on seven key values:

Security – At OilQuick security for both employees and customers is top priority.

Customer focus – The customer comes first. All customers should be happy with their OQ products.

Leadership – The management at OilQuick support the corporate philosophy, are committed and always listen to staff concerns. 

Quality – High quality should be visible in everything we do and make, from packaging to product.

Innovative products – We keep track of developments and always aim to be at the leading edge with new technologies.

Happy and dedicated employees – At OilQuick having staff that do their job is not enough. We want more than for them to be simply satisfied. They should be passionate about their work, go the extra mile and be willing to move forward together. 

Keeping promises – We always keep our promises, whether internal or external.