Customer service and warranty

You can count on us for reliable support

Customer service and warranty

Providing our customers with first-class support is a priority for us. We have always attached great importance to qualified service technicians and attentive customer care.

With our three technicians and fully equipped service vehicles, we always make an effort to perform any work required on our products to the customer’s complete satisfaction. When scheduled installation or service work is required, our technicians contact customers to arrange a convenient time. We always try to carry out such work as quickly as possible and in urgent cases are flexible enough to help at short notice. Furthermore, we cooperate with a number of service partners that we can contract if lack of time prevents us from doing the work ourselves.

We also perform new installations or service work abroad where our distributors are not in a position to do so.


The following warranty conditions apply to OilQuick products:

  • OilQuick AB (OQAB) provides a warranty against technical faults regarding materials and construction.
  • The warranty means that OQAB of its own volition will replace or repair parts of supplied products, that have become unusable due to a material or manufacturing fault.
  • The warranty period is 24 months or 3000 machine hours, whichever comes sooner. The warranty applies from the date on which the product was supplied to the end customer.
  • The warranty period applies from and including the date of delivery to the end customer. A condition of OQAB handling warranty claims is that the registration card has been properly sent in to OQAB.
  • Replacement parts and repair time are paid by OQAB on the condition that the claim has been approved. However, reimbursement is not available for travel costs, journey times, consumable materials, hydraulic oil or down time.
  • The warranty does not cover faults that have arisen due to natural wear, negligence, incorrect installation or other circumstances outside OQAB’s control.
  • The warranty becomes invalid if the OilQuick product has been rebuilt or modified without OQAB’s written approval. Non OilQuick original replacement parts are not replaced. Replacement parts supplied after the end of the warranty period, have a 3 month guarantee, at which only the replacement part is replaced on the condition that the replacement part has been fitted by an OQAB approved workshop or representative and that it confirms that no play, contamination, wear or similar has adversely affected the part.
  • Faults that occur during the warranty period are replaced by OQAB on the condition that the claim form is sent to OQAB within 30 days of the damage occurring and that the fault is eligible for a warranty claim.
  • The warranty applies on the condition that the product is installed and controlled according to the requirements and installation instructions given in the applicable manual.
  • The warranty only applies if original OilQuick parts are used together with our OilQuick quick coupler systems.