Clean system partner

Clean system partner

A certified partner program to protect the users and create confidence in our trade partners.

Back in 1993, we released the first fully hydraulic quick coupler system on the market, which revolutionised the industry and defined what is the technology of today. Since the beginning, we have sold over 30,000 systems, which clearly makes us number one on the market. With the success of the quick coupler, the diversity of systems has also increased – and thus also the risk of arbitrary system combinations, which can result in unpredictable problems. We have responded to this development with a voluntary Clean System collaboration agreement.

Together with the trade we stand for a homogeneous system landscape – to protect the users and create confidence in our trade partners. The Clean System partner program is aimed at OilQuick trade partners who want to stand out from the competition through an exceptionally high quality level – from advice for optimal use to sales, rental and after sales service. The Clean System certification gives a clear signal that you are a responsible business. You become part of a growing community of interests that promotes homogeneous system landscapes.

Participating in Clean System is voluntary but as a certified Clean System-partner you make a commitment to ensure the following:

  • That OilQuick products are not combined indiscriminately with other quick coupler systems.
  • That each brand-wide combination is tested by OilQuick.
  • That original spare parts are used for servicing.
  • That the customers are made aware of the risks of mixed operation.

 Homogeneous - Original OilQuick parts only.

The fact is no standardised interfaces for quick couplers currently exist – and thus there is no universal compatibility of systems from different suppliers. Mixing system manufacturers, increases the risk of wear, malfunctions and accidents. Our experience is that competitors promise 100% compatibility with OilQuick products, which is not true.

We appreciate competition as an engine for innovation, but at the same time we want to protect the performance of our products against the risks of multi-purpose mixed use. Clean System does not require our trade partners to choose between the different system suppliers, each dealer has full freedom in terms of their brand portfolio. We simply want to safeguard the value of the OilQuick brand, so that our customers know that we are supplying quality products!


The Clean System agreement has many advantages for our distribution partners:

  • It protects your most valuable product: Trust.
  • A certificate of competence with a high market value.
  • Minimises warranty issues.
  • A clear position regarding sustainability and safety.
  • As a partner you enjoy special OilQuick benefits.


In addition to the above, our partners also benefit from a number of strong selling arguments. To offer end customers and users these big improvements gives real added value:

  • Only OilQuick original parts throughout.
  • Operational reliability by preventing interference and downtime.
  • Investment security through long operating times and value protection.
  • Best possible personal protection by reducing accident risks.
  • Warranty protection through the use of original parts.

 Risk of damage and problems when mixing in foreign system parts.