In-house manufacturing

More efficient and competitive

In-house manufacturing

We decided to make our products ourselves. This not only gives us greater power over quality assurance and lead times, but also enables us to improve our efficiency and competitiveness. It also has benefits in collaboration with our design department and provides more scope in developing new products. We have complete control over the entire chain, from the order to the product delivered. Our goal is to make all our products in house.

Excavator quick couplers, adapter plates, tool adapters, crane quick couplers and the lower components on tiltrotators are now built on the premises by OilQuick Production. We also make customers’ own quick couplers and attachments compatible with OilQuick. Plates from 5 to 250 mm thick can be gas cut. Two robot cells are available for welding, which can be supplemented with manual operations if required.

We have a wide range of machinery for working on the various components, including vertical lathes. Finishing is frequently done on our horizontal machining centres with an 800x800 mm table and six-pallet system. The flexibility they provide helps us to achieve a high level of efficiency. For accurate dimensions and quality control, we use a Zeiss Accura II coordinate measuring machine. The products then go to our second facility where they are assembled and packed. Finally, we ship the finished products to distributors and customers.


Design department

Our design team focuses on development, design and planning for manufacture. They are responsible for developing and designing most of our products - from welded structures to programming our own safety systems. We also have a laboratory where we test and verify our designs. Given that we work in the same building as houses production, we can arrive faster at a joint solution regarding the design and manufacture of our products. We use 3D CAD software for design and calculation, and Monitor as the ERP system. In addition, we work closely together with our marketing department, where our service staff are also to be found. This keeps us closer to our consumers and means we can respond to their requests more flexibly. As we are the global market leader in fully automatic quick coupler systems and intend to expand our position in the future, we constantly work on new, innovative products.