Safety & environmental awareness

Important aspects of our sales arguments

Safety & environmental awareness

Using an OilQuick system saves time and money, as the ease of changing to the right attachment substantially reduces the costs of wear and tear. In addition, the system is also an excellent choice in terms of safety and the environment.



Many accidents at the work place happen when operators have to get down from the cab and climb back up again frequently. The danger of slipping is particularly high in ice and rain. When OilQuick is installed on excavators, operators only rarely have to leave the cab, which minimises the risk of accidents and is also better for their knees and backs. At the same time, this means that there are fewer people in the machine’s danger zone.

As the operator no longer has to connect and disconnect hydraulic lines by hand, the risk of health problems such as allergies and breathing difficulties resulting from frequent contact with hydraulic oil are eliminated to a great extent. Another development designed to improve safety is the OQ LockSupport, a user-friendly tool for changing attachments on excavators safely and securely.


The eco-friendly option

Whenever attachments are changed the conventional way, some hydraulic oil is leaked. All OilQuick quick couplers are equipped with flat-face couplings. These couplings are drip free and thus help to make the job site eco-friendlier. The OilQuick system hoses run close to the excavator stick, which gives them greater protection against wear. This hose routing has the advantage that damaged lines need to be replaced less frequently and environmental pollution is thus prevented.