Sponsorship and charity

We do our bit and make a difference

Sponsorship and charity

We believe in our home town of Hudiksvall and contribute willingly to various projects. One of our prime concerns is to help promote public health and make our town more attractive. Our efforts therefore focus on children and young people as well as local clubs. In our sponsorship activities, we aim for a broad spread and prefer to donate to projects where a larger number of people benefit.

A thriving town is important for us as a company. We are thankful to be able to live and work here and it therefore goes without saying that we are happy to participate in community projects. Together we can make Hudiksvall even better and more attractive for its inhabitants.

Sports and clubs give young people the opportunity to learn to assume responsibility at an early age and work together in a team. These lessons are much appreciated later in their working lives. We aim to support different sports and age groups (primarily children and young people) with our sponsorships, for example by providing admission tickets for local events. In addition, we are also involved in such charities as the Swedish childhood cancer foundation.

We are always delighted when the clubs we support lend us a hand, for example by helping out at the events we organise or with other time-consuming activities such as wrapping.

The sponsorship group at OilQuick has three members. In addition to conventional sponsorship, we currently have two projects of our own: Matter of the Heart and Idealist.