16 janvier 2022

”Everything is operated from inside the cab, nice and smoothly.”

Andreas Wideman, Process Technician at Södra Cell pulp mill in Värö, safely and efficiently handles all bucket changes from inside the cab of his OilQuick-equipped loader.

The Ljungby machine runs around the clock in 6 shifts and Andreas is pleasantly surprised by how smooth and problem-free the work flows. Despite the fact that there are several different drivers every day and despite the fact that they change gear all the time, everything works great.

- Before the OilQuick investment, most of the time you were using one and the same high-tipping hydraulic bucket, even though you really wanted to change bucket. You just din't want the hassle of leaving the cab to change manually. Today with OilQuick, it is just as quick and easy to switch between hydraulic buckets as it is to switch between mechanical attachments.