17 janvier 2022

Meet Jim and his Liebherr 930

Jim Duvander from Lerbergs Entreprenad in Gothenburg is very pleased with his new machine and his OilQuick OQTR-E33 tiltrotator. This is what he has to say.

So here's my Liebherr 930.

You can't fit more on it, it's equipped to the max, according to my personal preferences.
It's got all you might want, a large tracked unit, rock link, the largest track plates around. All the buckets you might want and in particular it's equipped with OilQuick.

Safety is one reason for choosing OilQuick and I think they're the most advanced when it comes to safety.
I don't need to worry about equipment being dropped. No one else needs to worry that
equipment might be dropped.

And I don't need to climb around rocks in order to change attachments. It's done in an instant and safely from within the cab.

I've got OilQuick OQ80, which is as advanced as it gets. It's got two one inch hammer / cutter hydraulics and two half inch slope hydraulics and I have an extra three quarter inch return to the tank and centrally controlled lubrication. Also two ten pin electrical connectors related to the steering of the tiltrotator, as well as rotor sensor, tilt sensor and more, whatever you might want.

The biggest advantage I see with OilQuick, is that by simply pushing a button, I get rid of the tiltrotator and on with the hammer or the tilt bucket. I can change to a hydraulic grading beam or whatever it is. I never have to leave the cab and I choose to have the tiltrotator attached or not.

For those of you about to change your machine and attachments, choose Liebherr and OilQuick. You won't be disappointed. And I think this thing will last for twice as long as other brands.

A machine without OilQuick – it's missing something!