30 April 2024

”You get spoiled with OilQuick”

The contractor company Arne Olav Lund AS in Larvik carries out infrastructure projects throughout eastern Norway. The terrain in which the operators work is often difficult, which requires durable equipment. In other words, it is no coincidence that OilQuick's quick-couplers are on the machines.

– We work in a tough environment, with sand, rocks and mud. Even the weather can be challenging. So you need a system that can take a beating. And OilQuick fits the bill. It really works, says Sondre Tengdal, who works as a machine operator at Arne Olav Lund AS in Norway.

The company, which is based in Larvik, has a total of 25 machines equipped with OilQuick's fully-automatic quick-coupler system. On wheeled excavators, the couplers are both below and above the tiltrotator, and on track excavators, above. The reason for their interest in OilQuick was that others in the industry spoke so positively about it.
– We only heard good things about OilQuick, and after taking a closer look at the system, we concluded that we did not need to produce that much more per day for it to be worthwhile to have it, says Sondre Tengdal.

The machine Sondre drives is a Volvo 160E wheeled excavator from 2021 with various different tools. There are buckets, grapples, grippers, compactors, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic pallet forks and sweepers, to name a few examples.
– You feel spoiled when you have OilQuick. It only takes a few seconds to remove the tiltrotator and then attach, for example, the hydraulic breaker. Previously, it took maybe 15 minutes. Before we got OilQuick, there were also frequent oil spills on the ground when we connected the hoses. Now, in principle, there will be no spill at all, he says.

Even from a sustainability point of view, Sondre thinks that OilQuick delivers. He says that the system has only needed to be serviced once since he got his new machine, and then, it was self-inflicted. Beyond that, there has only been cleaning and regular maintenance.
– I don't remember exactly what I did, but I hit something so that the sensor broke. OilQuick came here and changed it straight away. It went very smoothly.

–Today, we couldn't imagine a workday without OilQuick, he says.

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