What affects usand what do we affect?

Working on economic, social, and environmental sustainability is an integral part of OilQuick's ongoing development. For us at OilQuick, it is therefore important to have a close and well-functioning collaboration within our 'Team OilQuick.' Mapping and identifying what affects us and where we have the opportunity to make an impact are clear foundations for our sustainability efforts. By continually working on improvements, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future."


Our Core Values

At OilQuick, safety is our top priority, for both our employees and customers. We aim to create a positive work environment where our employees thrive and are engaged, with quality being central to everything we do. Our three core values, along with key policies and guidelines, serve as our inner compass, driving our business forward."

SafetyOur product should be safe to manufacture and safe to use."

CommitmentOur employees should always be more than satisfied. Our staff is expected to be engaged, go the extra mile, and propel the business forward. OilQuick is committed to having leaders who believe in the company's vision and are attentive to their personnel.

QualityEverything we do within the business should embody high quality, from cardboard to product. Every customer should be satisfied with an OQ product. We should always deliver on our promises, both internally and externally.



Policies & Guidelines

Environmental policy

Quality Policy

Code of conduct