12 February 2024

“OilQuick is brilliant”

Robin Pedersen operates wheeled excavators for Åsmund Pettersen & Sønn AS in Jevnaker, Norway. He is currently working on building plots for a new residential area in Harestua. With OilQuick's coupler technology, the work goes quickly and methodically, despite the many tool changes.

– Our work is very varied. It can be everything from receiving deliveries, handling stone and breaking stone to supplementary work after blasting. With such varied tasks, OilQuick's quick-coupler system fits very well, as it is so easy and flexible to change tools, says machine operator Robin Pedersen at Åsmund Pettersen & Sønn AS.

Robin operates a new wheeled excavator from Hitachi, which is equipped with both a quick-coupler and a tiltrotator from OilQuick. This means that he can change hydraulic tools with a few button presses directly from the cabin. He can also detach and attach the tiltrotator together with, for example, a bucket in one piece.
– I fill the bucket with gravel before I park it, so it stands steadily even with the tiltrotator on, and it’s very easy to reattach again.

When Robin and his colleagues carry out various foundation works, the surfaces are often limited, and they need to work their way forward incrementally. In jobs like that, it is a great advantage to be able to change tools quickly. For example, there is rarely space to run hydraulic breakers in a large area in one go.
– We might be able to break the rock with the breaker for four metres, and then we need to switch to the tiltrotator and bucket to dig a little more and then switch back to the breaker again, and then it continues like that. It wouldn't be possible to work that way if we had to go out and change the tool by hand, but with OilQuick, the work is very efficient, he says.

Thanks to OilQuick, Robin and his colleagues also don't need to have an extra person standing outside to compact the foundation manually.
– We can now do that work with the machine by attaching a compactor. It also works very well even where the ground is very sloped, stony or uneven. It's absolutely brilliant.

Another thing that Robin appreciates about OilQuick is the electronic monitoring system OQ Lock Support, which gives him confirmation that the tools are properly connected.
– If you can't get the lock to work, an alarm goes off, and the risk of you losing a tool is basically non-existent, he says.

Many Norwegian municipalities have also begun to see the advantages of OilQuick's quick-coupler system, and, according to Robin, it is becoming more and more common for the framework agreements to require that the machines have OilQuick.
– It will almost be a must to have the system in order to be competitive. We will soon have it on all our machines.

He highly recommends the system, especially to those who use many different tools and have varied tasks.
– It’s a completely different day at work when it's ten degrees minus outside and you can sit inside the cabin in twenty degrees plus and change tools with the push of a button. It is very luxurious, he says.

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