27 April 2023

Connel Bros: “We work in a different way now”

Connell Brothers Ltd Demolition is a demolition company in Manchester that work across the UK. Since getting OilQuick, jobs that used to require three machines now can be done with one machine.

– OilQuick is a very good system. It has increased the productivity of our machines. Safety-wise it is also great as the lads don’t have to leave the cab to switch attachments. This means less risk of injuries, and no knocking pins out or spilling hot oils, says Neil Docherty who is the site manager at Connell Brothers Ltd Demolition.

Connell Brothers specialize in floor-by-floor demolition on 12-story block of flats. The machine park ranges from 1.5-tonnes mini diggers up to 70- to 80-tonnes machines.
– We have a lot of machines, of which about 95 percent are equipped with OilQuick. We even have OilQuick on the mini diggers that work on top of the roofs, he tells.

For Connell Brothers the implementation of OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system has resulted in a different way of working.
– With OilQuick it takes 20 seconds to switch attachments and that’s it. This means that jobs that used to take three machines have been narrowed down to one machine. We can put a breaker on for five minutes, take the breaker off, put the grab on for a minute, switch to the steel magnet, and so on. It is a brilliant system in that way. It is so quick, he says.

Another advantage is that the expenses from replacing hoses have been reduced to nearly zero and, moreover, work has become more convenient for the operators.
– Back in the days when we had to switch hydraulic hoses manually, this was something that our lads weren’t looking forward to, especially not when it was rainy and bad weather. With OilQuick there is none of that. It’s straight on, straight off with a few button pushes, he says.

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