13 September 2023

“We have become independent”

ETF in France designs, builds, and maintains the world's rail networks. Since installing the OilQuick quick coupler system their operators are no longer dependent on others. They can do the jobs on their own – with one machine.

– OilQuick has made us more flexible. We are now independent and can work alone. We no longer need anyone, says Youssef Ferhaoui, who is machine operator for ETF in the area of railway works.

Youssef Ferhaoui believes that his job has become easier after installing OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system.

– We don’t need to manually connect hoses. We don’t even need to leave the cab. Everything is done automatically. All we need to do is press a button and the coupling happens. Another thing that’s great with OilQuick is we’ve kept the same joysticks to operate the tiltrotator, he says.

The fact that they no longer must disconnect hoses also avoids oil spillage on the concrete.

– It avoids stains and rings that stay for life on concrete, and it basically avoids pollution, he says.

Safety is a very important aspect in the railway sector, which according to Youssef Ferhaoui also has improved since they started using OilQuick's quick coupling system.

– Not having to leave the cab to change attachments avoids the risk of accidents.

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