30 October 2023

“OilQuick makes the job so much easier”

HCD Ltd Demolition in Hereford carries out small and major demolition jobs all over the UK. From the moment they put OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system on their machines it has been an increasing investment.

– Once you purchase OilQuick you don’t really look back. You never want to return to the conventional ways of changing hydraulic attachments, says Ian Musto who is managing director of HCD Ltd Demolition.

Before investing in OilQuick, Ian Musto could look at a job and plan to send three machines to do it.
– What we are finding out now is that we can send two machines instead, and then send the third machine a few weeks later just to help finish off with the crushing or whatever. This has definitely helped us to reduce costs on the jobs, he says.

The work has also become more efficient as the operators now use the right tool for the right job.
– OilQuick just makes the job so much easier. You can change attachment in a matter of a minute. This means no pulling and tearing a building with the selector grab. You can shear the building down, then place the material in a stockpile, and if a lorry comes in the end of the day, you can drop the attachment, put the grab on and load the lorry up with waste. So yeah, OilQuick is beneficial in all ways for us, Ian Musto concludes.

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