13 December 2022

“It is easy, versatile and effective”

Magnus Göransson of MG-Maskiner AB operates a wheel excavator equipped with OilQuick’s flexible tiltrotator solution. With it, he can quickly and easily swap hydraulic attachments during tilting and just as easily unhitch and hitch the tiltrotator itself.

“With OilQuick's tilrotator solution, my use of the machine is much more efficient because I can use the right attachment all the time. As there is also a quick coupler above the tiltrotator, I can also easily disconnect it when, for example, I'm going to use the hydraulic hammer, thus preventing unnecessary wear and tear," says Magnus Göransson, owner of MG-maskiner.

Saves time
Magnus Göransson is self-employed and does not have any employees, conducting his business in Helsingborg, Höganäs and the surrounding area. He works on contracts for Bjäre Entreprenad and carries out all types of excavation work, but the majority involves digging foundations for houses. He is currently working on a construction project in Laröd outside Helsingborg, where the foundations are being laid for six terraced housing blocks with associated garages, parking and outdoor areas. He operates a Liebherr 914 wheel excavator that he has had for about a year, but it is not the first machine he has had with OilQuick.
“I also had OilQuick's quick coupler system on a previous machine and I ran that for about seven years," he says. “I like OilQuick mainly for its versatility and because it is so easy to connect. There can be quite a few changes in a day and I save a lot of time by not having to leave the cab to connect hydraulic hoses.”

A range of attachments
Clear proof of the versatility can be seen in the range of attachments that Magnus Göransson switches between. There are buckets of various sizes, levelling beams, hydraulic hammers, sweeper buckets, soil vibrators and timber grabs. He also has a trolley that he can hitch to the back of the machine.
"Having so many attachments sound a bit luxurious, but because the OilQuick quick coupler allows me to change them so easily, I find it very useful," he says.

Excellent support
For Magnus Göransson, the most important reason for choosing OilQuick's tiltrotator solution is quality.
“You can tell that the quality is a cut above. It's proper stuff, but most of all I appreciate the excellent support. No system is flawless and it is very important that there is good support to prevent downtime. The machine has to keep working. Downtime means financial losses,” he says.

Another thing he appreciates is that OilQuick's system also contributes positively to the environment.
“The environment is an important issue in today's society and it is important to help reduce the spillage of oil in all environments. This is where OilQuick excels. Keeping it maintained and looking after it will prevent oil from coming out of the connections. They're properly sealed,” he says.

Profitable investment
Financially speaking, Magnus Göransson feels quite confident that the investment in OilQuick's quick coupler system will pay off.
“Now because it's so easy to connect my auxiliary equipment, I can use it whenever I want, which also means I can charge for more work. In this way I think I will recoup the investment laid out on OilQuick.”

However, there is also one unavoidable downside to OilQuick.
“The negative is that I get less exercise! But in weather like this, I'm quite happy I don't have to get out of the cab and hook up attachments," he says, looking out at the snowy weather outside the machine.