21 January 2021

“This is the ultimate solution for us”

Oq Hultsfred Eog 8962 Ret

Christer Gustavssons Entreprenad AB has equipped its new machine for asphalt work with OilQuick's new tiltrotator series, OQTR-E. Jobs are now performed quicker and better, which strengthens their position with customers.

"Investing in OQTR-E19 has further improved the collaboration with those clients where the machine is primarily used. It is good to know that the customer is satisfied with the efficiency and end result that this package offers", says Christoffer Gustavsson, who is Head of Operations at Christer Gustavssons Entreprenad AB in Hultsfred.

Important tool
Christer Gustavssons Entreprenad obtained its first tiltrotator at the end of the 1990s. Since then, it couldn't be without the tool.
"A tiltrotator is vital for making adjustments to the asphalt around corners, posts and all the things you need to get around. In principle, it would have been impossible to complete the work without using it", says operator Simon Stefansson.

New concept
The company's new machine for asphalt work uses a tiltrotator from OilQuick's new series, OQTR-E, which is based on Engcon's rotor body equipped with OilQuick's fully automatic coupler technology.
"Having a product that is based on technology from two high-quality manufacturers such as OilQuick and Engcon is the ultimate solution for us. We can minimise problems with this equipment", says Christoffer Gustavsson.

More efficient
According to Christoffer Gustavsson, the biggest advantage of OQTR-E is that all swaps can be easily performed from inside the machine.
"Just one or two button pushes is all it takes to detach and reattach the tiltrotator or attachment. The operator usually reckons on a time saving of about ten minutes for each attachment swap. It becomes clear how much time can be saved and how much production can be increased if there are ten planer and bucket swaps per day", he says.

Multiple swaps
According to operator Simon Stefansson there are significantly more swaps than that made in one day, more like 40-50.
"Because making a swap is so quick and easy, I can easily perform different types of asphalt work. I can plane for a while, unhook the planer, attach the sweeper bucket and remove the material immediately, job done. In addition, I do not have to worry about the material getting stuck", he says.

Safer workplace
Another positive that comes from being able to swap attachments from inside the cab is the work environment.
"The level of safety is increased as staff do not have to jump in and out of the machine to swap attachments or attach hoses. This is especially noticeable in snowy, rainy or slippery conditions. The work environment is so much better with OilQuick", says Christoffer Gustavsson.

Solution satisfaction
Overall, he feels very satisfied with the new solution.
"It is easy to swap attachments, there is no oil spillage and one can remain in the machine. We haven't experienced any problems and I think we will end up using OilQuick's tiltrotators across the machine park", he concludes.

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