19 April 2022

New updated touch display for OQLS

OilQuick Locksupport (OQLS) is a user-friendly operator support for safe and secure attachment swaps on excavators. We have developed a new touch display for our tiltrotators that simplifies managing attachment swaps when using a tiltrotator. Control both main and tilt couplings from one and the same display. and It is supplied as standard together with all sizes of our OQTR-E tiltrotators.

Modern excavators are equipped with hydraulic quick couplers and use a range of buckets and attachments that are changed several times an hour and day. Swapping buckets and attachments is a risky procedure. Dropped and swinging buckets can accidentally cause either severe personal injury or death.

In most cases the reason for the dropped bucket is driver related and can be due to a number of things. Work stress, non-standardised lock operation (buttons and controls with different functions and different locations from machine to machine), difficult for the operator to confirm that the attachment coupler is in the correct position to the attachment and uncertainty about the position of the locking plungers.

OQLS solves all these problems and also offers the driver safe and secure support to make the right decision when swapping buckets and attachments.

Advantages of OQLS

  • Easily positioned, newly developed touch display.
  • Control the coupling both above and below the tiltrotator on the same display.
  • User-friendly and clear coupling process via the intuitive touch display.
  • Sensor detection of attachment pins and locking plungers.
  • Automatic activation of the machine's hydraulics.
  • Fulfils all safety requirements on the market.

We offer the world’s most sold quick coupler systems with over 40,000 systems sold around the world. We have decades of experience and testing behind us. Our solutions work, and you receive a unique combination of quality, performance and safety.