7 February 2023

Urban Regen: “It’s a fantastic equipment to have”

The UK based demolition contractor Urban Regen has used OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system for a couple of years now and couldn’t be more pleased with the solution.

– I think the name says it all. OilQuick is such a quick accessory to have. The biggest advantage is the continuation of the work. Earlier it could take half an hour to get out of the cab, knock pins out, take the pipes off and then connect everything again. With OilQuick there is no such stops when swapping attachments, says Paul Styles who is project manager for Urban Regen.

He finds the system particularly beneficial on wet and dirty sites.
– At the site where we are now there is about 12 inches sludge. This means that it can be both difficult and risky to step out of the machine to swap attachments. With OilQuick you don’t have to do that. You simply press the relevant buttons, and it all happens in the safety of the cab. It is just a fantastic equipment to have, he says.

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