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27 November 2023

New OilQuick adapters 2.0

Adapter 1140X500px

The initial shipments of our newly designed hydraulic adapters 2.0 for attachments have now left our warehouse. Leading the way are OQ60-4 and OQ60-5, with the remaining models to follow shortly. Prior to placing an order, please verify availability.

Advantages of our adapters 2.0:

  • Reduced material consumption and lower weight, while maintaining higher durability thanks to a new product design.
  • Bolt on coupling ramps, as opposed to welded ones, result in higher quality, better precision, increased durability, and reduced maintenance.
  • Bolt on coupling ramps instead of welded ones, allows ramp replacement in case of damage, leading to easier and faster repairs.
  • Streamlined order placement thanks to a new product configurator.
  • Standardized base plates, along with configurable hole patterns and colors, simplify order processing.
  • The new design means that -4 and -5 ramps fit on the same chassis, which simplifies future upgrades of existing -4 systems for the customer.