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16 April 2023

OQC90 - Our largest model for material handlers

The OQC is an OilQuick suspended quick coupler, which is primarily designed for use on loading/recycling cranes and other handling equipment. Basically, the system consists of an extremely rugged 360° rotator mounted on our fully hydraulic, tried-and-tested quick coupler. The OQC unit is suspended from the handling equipment’s stick.

Using the OQC system you can stay comfortable and safe in the cab while switching lifting hooks, wood chip buckets, clamshell grapples, grapples and magnets etc. All with just a push of a button.

We are now introducing our largest model – The OQC90!

Designed for the largest material handlers in the world! Same principle as its smaller siblings, but very much stronger. With this new model you can lift up to 68 metric tonnes. The OQC90 has a 100 A electrical swivel connection and up to 4 hydraulic connections. This makes it ideal for large material handlers and harbour cranes.

Why OQC?

  • Lightning fast change of hydraulic, electric and mechanical attachments from inside the cab.
  • Always the right attachment for the job.
  • No staff around the machine during tool changes.
  • Improved safety.
  • Meets all safety standards on the market.
  • Reduce the number of machines on the site.
  • Increased productivity = Increased profitability.
  • Minimises oil spills.
  • Protected hose routing.
  • Less dirt in the cab.

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