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6 October 2022

Stena Recycling: "Now we swap attachments easily and safely"

Stena Recycling wants to be climate neutral by 2030. As a step towards that goal they have acquired an electric material handling machine equipped with OilQuick's quick coupler system. The investment is not only positive for the climate, but has also made work easier and safer for the operators.

“So far, I am very pleased with OilQuick's quick coupler system for material handling machines (OQC). It has become easier for our operators to change tools and to do it correctly. Now they can carry out the changes directly from the cab and don't have to go out and climb on the machine to connect cables, safety locks and other things. I look forward to trying more attachments with OilQuick," says Jonas Ranshede, Maintenance Manager at Stena Recycling in Malmö.

Large quantities of scrap
Stena Recycling's Malmö branch is located in Norra hamnen (North harbour) and is the city's largest privately owned recycling facility. It handles huge quantities of scrap metal, about 130,000-140,000 tonnes per year. Previously, a diesel-powered material handling machine was used to sort the scrap metal that came into the plant, but a few years ago it was replaced by an electric Fuchs 860. The fact that the new material handling machine would be powered by electricity was quite obvious, given that the company has a clear climate target of becoming fossil-free by 2030. Another requirement of the new crane was that it would be easy to swap attachments.
“On our last material handling machine we used magnets that were suspended from the grab and connected by cables, but it was a hassle to have to keep jumping in and out of the machine to connect them. We had a chat with the machine dealer and he recommended OilQuick," says Jonas Ranshede.

Positively surprised
Jonas Ranshede was initially sceptical about OilQuick's quick coupler solution, because he feared it would be difficult to make it work satisfactorily for the purpose. But in the end, he decided to give it a try anyway. And he hasn't regretted that decision.
“I thought there might be a problem, because the crane has a pendulum function. But my concerns proved unfounded. OilQuick's quick coupler works amazingly in every way,” he says.

Easier to get all the scrap up
The investment in OilQuick's quick coupler system means that operators can now sit in the machine and swap attachments with a few simple button pushes. Thanks to the ease with which the attachments can be changed, it is also much easier to remove the last metal residues from the ground.
“Once we have picked up most of the scrap metal with the grab, there is always some residue left that we can't get hold of. Instead of getting it stuck in tyres and such, we can now quickly connect the magnet and pick up any residues. By getting all the scrap off the ground, we also avoid the dangers of a puncture to a truck or one of our own machines, which is a cost saving in itself," says Jonas Ranshede.

Safer working environment
Another benefit of the OilQuick coupler is that it provides a safer working environment for operators.
“Every stage where we don't have to get out of the machine and do physical stuff is a win for safety. For example, our operators now avoid the risk of getting cuts on their fingers or suffering a foot injury from stepping awkwardly etc. when they have to climb up to hang the magnet," he says.

High level of reliability
The new machine has now been in service for three years and so far everything has been running smoothly.
“Operational reliability has been surprisingly good. So far, we have had no direct complications with the OilQuick quick coupler. As a result, we have not had to contact OilQuick on such matters, but I find them quick to respond when I have called to ask about other things.

Good investment
Overall, Jonas Ranshede considers OilQuick to be money well spent.
“I can highly recommend the OilQuick quick coupler system. If you have attachments that you need to be able to switch between quickly, I think you should definitely try it. The machine will be a little more expensive to buy, but if we can save an ankle or the like with OilQuick, it is well worth it," he says.

OilQuick benefits:
OilQuick offer the world‘s best-selling quick coupler systems. We have decades of experience and testing behind us. Our solutions work and you get an outstanding combination of quality, performance and safety.

• Lightning fast change of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical attachments from inside the cab.
• Always the right attachment for the job.
• Distributes oil, grease, water and electricity.
• No staff around the machine during tool changes.
• Improved safety.
• Reduce the number of machines on the site.
• Meets and exceeds safety standards globally.
• For material handling machines up to 68 tonnes lifting capacity.
• Increased productivity.
• Increased profitability.
• Reduced transport costs.
• Eliminates oil spills.
• Protected hose run.
• Less dirt in the cab.

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