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Positioning system

ePS. Positioning system for OQTR-E
ePS is optimised for engcon's DC2 control system, the wiring for ePS is integrated with the wiring for DC2. All OQTR-E models come with ePS as standard and together with the machine's excavator system it gives maximum control over the position of the attachment.
ePS sends signals to the selected excavator system and thus reduces the need for traditional surveys. The operator can see the exact area to be excavated via the machine-control system's display in the cab. This precise control of the amount of excavated material, gives many advantages:
• Time
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Less machine and attachment wear
• Saves time for other units e.g. trucks/dumpers that take away the excavated material.
• Adapted for the DC2 control system but can be installed on other control systems
• Completely independent of model or make of control system via its own cabling (if not DC2)