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OQL 410

OilQuick automatic quick coupler system, type OQL410, is suitable for big wheel loaders in the weight class of 20-32 t.

The quick coupler has one hydraulic cylinder
Max. working pressure (MPa) 35
Load holding valve/check-valve Yes
Piston/Piston rod, diameter (mm) 60/40
Stroke per cylinder side (mm) 135
Total closing force at 10 MPa (kN) 28,3
Max. continuous working pressure (MPa) 35
The non-spill steel couplings are of OilQuick type
Coupling sizes 1/2" 3/4"
Oil flow at 0,03 MPa pressure loss (l/min) 70 140
Max. continuous working pressure (MPa) 35 35
No. of couplings 2 4
Possible to use 1/2” electric coupling Yes
Size and location of quick couplings
Coupling 1,4 1/2"
Coupling 2,3,5,6 3/4"

Oql410 2
Adapter data OQL 410
Attachment fram inner measurement (A) 1000 mm
Height (B) 782 mm
Hooks diameter (C) 82 mm
Locking plungers diameter (D) 75 mm