11 January 2023

Avenir Deconstruction

“We save at least two hours in tool changes – each day”

Since Bordeaux-based demolition company Avenir Deconstruction installed OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system on its excavators, tool changes are much faster. The work has also become safer, and oil spill is no longer an issue.

– OilQuick helps us save time. On this site for example, where we demolish a five-story building floor by floor, in a nine-hour working day we save at least two hours when it comes to changing attachments, says Sylvain Marié, who is excavator operator at Avenir Deconstruction.

The reason why so much time can be saved is that the attachments can be switched much more smoothly with OilQuick.

– You can connect a breaker to remove something and then reconnect a sorting grab or a bucket without straining the excavator. Because we don’t have to leave the cab to disconnect hoses, the risk of accidents at the workplace is also reduced, he says.

Another thing that has made work safer is the driver support OQ LockSupport, which ensures correct connection and that the tools cannot be dropped.

– Sometimes you can’t see everything from the cab, but with the on-board OQ LockSupport system, you can clearly see when you've disconnected and when you've reconnected with the sensors. Because it’s all integrated there are also fewer spills with OilQuick. That’s an environmental advantage, says Sylvain Marié.