20 March 2023

Cardem: “We could never go back to the old system”

“We could never go back to the old system”

Cardem in Île-de-France is a company specialized in large and complex demolition projects. For them, OilQuick's automatic quick coupler system makes a big difference – for both efficiency and for safety.

– We installed OilQuick on the machines to save time, in practical terms, and change our way of working, says Leroux, site manager at Cardem. Now, the excavator operator has its attachments and can do the work alone without needing other excavators or having to manually change attachments. And we don't pollute the environment by disconnecting the hoses.

How often do you change attachments?

– We can take the project we are at as an example. On this site we have taken down a seven-floor high and 115 metres long building with offices. Here we carried out between 40 and 45 tool changes with the OilQuick coupler. Every day, says Leroux.

There are many reasons why Cardem chose OilQuick quick couplers instead of any of the competitors’ solutions.

– The OilQuick system differs from competitors through its compactness and the protection of its hoses, which we need in demolition, says Philippe Delivera, equipment manager for Cardem. Also, OilQuick's customer service is reactive and attentive, which we appreciate in our profession. I think it would be impossible for my operators to go back to a system that is not as good.