14 June 2023

HP.DTP: “We have progressed thanks to OilQuick”

The construction and demolition company HP.DTP in France owns 12 machines, five of which
are equipped with the OilQuick quick coupler system. The operators think the system is so great that they cannot consider any other solution.

The reason why HP.DTP decided to switch to OilQuick quick couplers was because of the versatility of their sites and tasks, which made it even more important with a well-functioning quick coupler system.

– The OilQuick system allows us to change attachments 40 to 50 times a day. This was impossible before when it could take five minutes to change tools. Today, the operators can stay in the cab and switch attachments in just a few seconds, which means that they always use the tool that is best for each situation. Using the right tools also means reduced wear and tear, says Emerick Pluchet who has been the manager of HP.DTP since 2012.

Another benefit that HP.DTP has gained with OilQuick is a less risk of injuries.
– Not having to leave the cab every ten to 15 minutes helps to protect the operators’ ankles and knees etc. Our operators think that the system is so comfortable that they will only use OilQuick, he says.

Last, but not least, Emerick Pluchet points out another advantage with OilQuick:
– The OilQuick service is great. They always pick up the phone and are very attentive to any changes or any requests we might have. They are also very reactive, he says.

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