27 June 2018

“Changing attachments is now incredibly easy”

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Based in Hudiksvall, Schaktgruppen is a new business that does ground work for construction. We meet one of the company owners while he is laying the foundations for a large extension to OilQuick’s premises. The machine he is operating is naturally equipped both with an OilQuick quick coupler and tiltrotator.

“I’ve only been using OilQuick for three weeks, which is admittedly not very long, but so far I’m totally impressed. You never have to get down from the cab to disconnect quick couplers and electrical lines. Which means you can save a great deal of time,” says Niclas Björke, joint owner and excavator operator at Schaktgruppen in Hudiksvall.

Hundreds of tool changes
The work at OilQuick involves digging foundations covering an area of 2,200 square metres. A new warehouse will then be built, as the existing facilities have become too small. When carrying out such work, frequent tool changes are often required. Niclas reckons that he probably changes attachments several hundred times a day.
“It’s difficult to say exactly, but the figure is at any rate much higher than you would think. You have to change almost constantly between a digging bucket, fork and grading bucket,” explains Niclas.

The right tool for the job
A big difference compared with previously is that OilQuick now enables him to use the right attachment in every situation.

“Before, if you hit a hard layer of soil, for example when excavating, you often didn’t bother disengaging the Rototilt to save time. Heavy work with the Rototilt engaged however causes a loss of power and much greater wear on the equipment. Now all I have to do to disconnect the Rototilt is press a few buttons inside the cab. That saves a lot of time and is better for the equipment at the same time.”

Safe, quick and convenient
Niclas actually tested OilQuick once before on an excavator. Although it was just for a short time, he still got an idea of the product’s benefits.

“After the initial trial I was impressed and am now pleased to be able to make use of OilQuick’s advantages.”

When we ask if he would recommend OilQuick to others, his answer comes like a shot:

“Yes, absolutely. Changing work tools is now incredibly easy. And it is quick and safe. I have nothing but praise. As far as I’m concerned, we’ll definitely use OilQuick for all our work in the future,” Niclas concludes.