7 December 2023

“It runs like clockwork!”

After a major expansion of the factory and continuous investments in increased capacity, Södra Cell Värö is now one of the largest and most modern softwood pulp factories in the world, with a capacity of 760,000 tonnes per year. It is also a major supplier of green energy, producing 1.6 TWh annually.

With OilQuick installed on both their material handlers and their load handling machines, both running time and safety are increased to the max.
“We can not afford for our machines to stand idle”, Mikael Berntsson, Technician and Machine Operator says.

Before OilQuick the operators had to climb out of the cab and balance on ladders to disconnect hoses when swapping attachments. Now they stay comfortable and safe in the cab when they swap attachments.
Previously there were also a few accidents, which made the decision to invest in OilQuick easy.
“Now we can swap attachments using just a few buttons on the display inside the cab. The OilQuick system is very efficient and handles tough environments very well.”

“It runs like clockwork. There are no real problems and OilQuick also provides great support and service if we need it. We have no problems with dust or wood chips getting stuck. The system is practically self cleaning and protective hatches cover the couplings when no tools are attached,” Mikael says.

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