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21 April 2020

Malin Lindqvist, - HR Personality of the Year in Sweden

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OilQuick's HR manager Malin Lindqvist, - HR Personality of the Year in Sweden.
Malin Lindqvist has been awarded the title of HR Personality of the Year. Malin was born and raised in Hudiksvall and has held the position of HR manager at OilQuick for 6 years. To get on the list of Sweden's Best Workplaces one first has to obtain Great Place to Work® certification. It is a difficult process with incredibly high demands on the business and every employee gets to have their say via an anonymous survey. Of all the companies who receive certification, only the 25 best results of the cultural evaluation and the employee survey can call themselves Sweden's Best Workplaces 2020.
OilQuick was ranked 15th on the list of Sweden's Best Workplaces 2020 in the class of medium-sized companies of 50-250 employees. This year's winners and the complete list were announced at a webcast gala on the 21st April 2020. The gala and the complete list can be seen in their entirety at greatplacetowork.se

Henrik comments on Malin's achievement:
"We are obviously incredibly proud to have someone as competent and committed as Malin in our team. Her ideas and her driving force have created the commitment and excellent fellowship that prevails among our employees. Our employees are really fantastic and step up in every situation. Without Malin we would not be where we are today. From a business owner's point of view, we are very happy and extremely proud of her award, she is very deserving of being named Sweden's HR personality 2020".

Congratulations Malin! You have won the title of HR personality of the Year. How does it feel?
"It feels absolutely fantastic! I don't really know if it has sunk in yet, but I'm incredibly happy and above all, very proud. It feels even better to be nominated by your own employees. It shows that we are working in the right way and that our staff appreciate my and OilQuick's work, which means a lot to me".

You work at OilQuick, what is the best thing about your workplace?
"All the employees and our owner family. We have an owner family that wants to invest in their staff, that understands their value and that understands that committed employees produce good results for the company. It is easy to be a good HR manager in a company with a CEO who understands the value of investing in staff. We have a great community and a lot of fun together, both on and off the job. We have an open-minded and relaxed atmosphere and there is always a lot of joy and laughter. I am also very happy that we have grateful employees who appreciate everything we do for them.
I get the opportunity to work with “couplers and huggers” and am proud that I have been involved in creating the fine brand of employer that exists today. We would not be where we are today without our fantastic employees. I am very proud of all our staff and OilQuick's current position as a company".